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Citations for Chemical Breakthrough Awards

2009 Awardees

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Scientists/Inventors Breakthrough Publication
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H. Staudinger “Ketene, eine neue Körperklasse,”
Chem. Ber. 1905, 38, 1735-1739.
Université de Strasbourg
E. M. Purcell, H. C. Torrey,
and R. V. Pound
“Resonance Absorption by Nuclear Magnetic Moments in a Solid,”
Phys. Rev. 1946, 69, 37-38.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology *
S. L. Miller “A Production of Amino Acids Under Possible Primitive Earth Conditions,”
Science 1953, 117, 528-529.
The University of Chicago
M. Sela, F. H. White, Jr., and
C. B. Anfinsen
“Reductive Cleavage of Disulfide Bridges in Ribonuclease,”
Science 1957, 125, 691-692.
National Institutes of Health
Model for Anfinson exhibit under construction at NIH, Bethesda, MD
R. G. Pearson “Hard and Soft Acids and Bases,”
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1963, 85, 3533-3539.
Northwestern University

* A duplicate plaque hangs at Harvard University's Dept. of Physics.