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Citations for Chemical Breakthrough Awards

2014 Awardees

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Scientists/Inventors Breakthrough Publication
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N. Bartlett “Xenon Hexafluoroplatinate(V) Xe+[PtF6]-,”
Proceedings of the Chemical Society, 1962, 6, 218.
The University of British Columbia
Information, links, and and photographs of the award ceremony and the placement of the plaque.
E. Fischer “Ueber die Configuration des Traubenzuckers und seiner Isomeren,”
Chemische Berichte, 1891, 24, 1836-1845.
University of Würzburg
Photographs at the award ceremony
Press release by the University of Würzburg
L. Michaelis and M. L. Menten “Die Kinetik der Invertinwirkung,”
Biochemische Zeitschrift, 1913, 49, 333-369.
Vivantes Klinikum Am Urban, Berlin
Photographs of the award ceremony and the display case in which the plaque resides
Ph.D. thesis, University of Leiden, 1873.
University of Leiden
Cover and title page of Johannes Diderik van der Waal's Ph.D. thesis, 1873
Photograph of Joan van der Waals, retired Professor of Physics at the University of Leiden and distant relative and J. D. van der Waals, holding van der Waals' thesis next to the CCB Award plaque
Comments by Joan van der Waals