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Citations for Chemical Breakthrough Awards


The Citation for Chemical Breakthrough Award program is made possible by generous support from the following:
  • Two grants from the American Chemical Society's Division Activities Committee's Innovative Grant Program
  • The American Chemical Society Corporate Associates
  • The Division of History of Chemistry of the American Chemical Society
  • Carol Hall and the Stellar Kent Corporation
  • Donations from individuals

We thank the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology in Kansas City, MO, for their donation of very rare images for many plaques.

All plaques have been manufactured by the Stellar Kent Corporation. See: We thank Linda Mason for participation in the design of many of these plaques and Carol Hall, President of Stellar Kent Corporation, for many years of personal attention to the program's needs.

HIST Certificate of Appreciation Awards were given to Carol Hall, Linda Mason, and the Stellar Kent Corporation on December 11, 2014 in recognition of their many years of contributions to the Citation for Chemical Breakthrough Award program. Photographs of the event.