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Number 7, Fall 1990

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TITLE Author Page
The Reception of Hydrogen Bonding. The response of the chemical community in the period 1920-1937 Denis Quane 3
Joseph W. Mellor. A tribute to the master textbook author of all times Fathi Habashi 13
The Genesis of Electrogravimetry. On the development of the first
important application of electrochemistry to chemical analysis
John T. Stock 17
Between Two Stools. Kopp, Kolbe and the history of chemistry Alan J. Rocke
Chemical Artifacts. The Butlerov Museum at the University of Kazan John H. Wotiz 24
Diversions and Digressions. Kekule was vain and van't Hoff
was high strung - Harry Jones meets the famous and comments
William B. Jensen 26
Book Notes.
All That Glitters. Readings in Historical Metallurgy

Petrochemicals: The Rise of an Industry

Motion Toward Perfection: The Achievement of Joseph Priestley

Chemistry As Viewed From Bascom Hill. A History of the
Chemistry Department at the University of Wisconsin in Madison

Michael L. Wayman, Ed., The Metallurgical Society
of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Montreal, 1989.

Peter H. Spitz, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1988.

A. Truman Schwartz and John G. McEvoy, Eds., Skinner House Books, Boston, MA, 1990.

Aaron J. Ihde, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1990.
Divisional News.
Events of Interest
Future Meetings
From the Editor's Desk.   36
Author's Guide.   37
Parting Shots. Reinventing the Hofmann Sodium Spoon William B. Jensen 38
Future Issues. A preview of what's to come   39