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Number 12, Fall 1992

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TITLE Author Page
The 1991 Dexter Address. Herbert Hoover and Georgius Agricola:
The Distorting Mirrors of History
Owen Hannaway 3
Stereochemical Models of Benzene, 1869 - 1875. A detailed look at a
neglected chapter in the history of stereochemistry
Leonello Paoloni 10
Some Early Chemical Slide Rules. An early and novel application of the
principle of the slide rule, these chemical oddities are now museum curiosities
William D. Williams 9
The Chemical News, 1859 - 1932. The brainchild of William Crookes, this
important chemical weekly served the chemical community for nearly three-quarters of a century
William H. Brock 30
Old Chemistries. A look at a little-known transitional chemical text by
Benjamin Silliman Jr. and George F. Baker
William D. Williams 35
Book Notes.
A History of the International Chemical Industry


The Historical Development of Chemical Concepts

Nineteenth-Century Attitudes: Men of Science

A History of Lactic Acid Making: A Chapter in the History of Biotechnology

Contrasts in Scientific Style: Research Groups in the Chemical and Biochemical Sciences

Atti del III cevgno nazionale di storia e fondamenti della chimica

Some Recollections of Gap Jumping

Fred Aftalion (trans. Otto Theodor Benfey), University of Pennsylvania Press,
Philadelphia, PA, 1991.

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Sir Derek H. R. Barton, American Chemical Society, Washington, D. C., 1991.
Letters.   45
Divisional News.
Events of Interest
In Memoriam: Raymond Benedict Seymour
Future Meetings
Officers Directory
Parting Shots. Gibber, Jabber, or Just Geber? William B. Jensen 49
Notice to all Subscribers and Authors.   51