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Number 13/14, Winter/Spring 1992/1993

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TITLE Author Page
Festschrift Introduction.   3
The Eclectic Life of Otto Theodor Benfey. A biographical portrait
of the life and work of Ted Benfey
James J. Bohning 4
By Way of Explanation. On eclecticism and the pursuit of chemistry Otto Theodor Benfey 16
Corpuscular Alchemy. A case study of the mechanization of 17th-century
alchemy as exemplified by the tranmutational theory of Eirenaeus Philalethes
William Newman 19
Robert Mayer and the Conservation of Matter. Did conservation of energy
precede conservation of mass?
Kenneth L. Caneva 27
Pride and Prejudice in Chemistry. A look at chauvinism and the pursuit of
science among 19th-century European chemists
Alan J. Rocke 29
The Chemist's War. An analysis of the impact of World War I on the
American chemical profession
David J. Rhees 40
The Historical Development of the van Arkel Bond-Type Triangle.
Even textbook diagrams have a history
William B. Jensen 47
Perspectives Lecture. On Pythagoreanism and the origins of the periodic table Otto Theodor Benfey 60
Book Notes.   66
Letters.   72
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