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Numbers 15 and 16, 1994

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TITLE Author Page
From the Editor.   i
Instructions for Authors.   ii
Applications Invited.   ii
The 1992 Dexter Award Address. Historical Chemical Instrumentation John T. Stock 1
The Chemist as Consultant. George E. Webb 9
A Note on Joseph Black. Robert Palter 15
History of Chemistry Lecture Series. Marshall University   18
Perspectives Lecture.
Recent Trends in Historiography of Science
Charles C. Gillispie 19
A Letter from Franklin Bache to Robert Hare. William D. Williams 27
Charlotte Roberts and her Textbook on Stereochemistry. Mary R. S. Creese and Thomas M. Creese 31
From Small Misunderstandings Mighty Disputes Grow. Martin D. Saltzman 37
Commentary: Johannes Wislicenus, Atomism, and the Philosophy of Chemistry. Peter J. Ramberg 45
Primary Documents: a Translation of Johannes Wislicenus. Peter J. Ramberg 52
Old Chemistries: Steel's Fourteen Weeks in Chemistry. William D. Williams 55
Georges Darzens (1867-1954): Inventor and Iconoclast. Pierre Laszlo 59