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Year Chair Secretary/Treasurer
1920-21 Edgar F. Smith None
1922-23 Charles A. Browne Lyman Newell
1923-26 Frank B. Dains Lyman Newell
1927-32 Lyman Newell Tenney L. Davis
1933-34 Frank B. Dains Tenney L. Davis
1935-39 Tenney L. Davis Mildred Grafflin
1940 James Couch Mildred Grafflin
1941 James Couch Ralph E. Oesper
1942-46 Harrison Hale Ralph E. Oesper
1947 Henry M. Leicester Ralph E. Oesper
1948-51 Henry M. Leicester Sidney M. Edelstein
1952-54 Virginia Bartow Sidney M. Edelstein
1955-56 Eduard Farber Sidney M. Edelstein
1957-59 Wyndham D. Miles Sidney M. Edelstein
1960-61 Virgil R. Payne Sidney M. Edelstein
1962-64 Aaron J. Ihde Sidney M. Edelstein
1965 Wyndham D. Miles Sidney M. Edelstein
1966 O. Theodor Benfey Sr. St. John Nepumocene
1967 Martin Levey Sr. St. John Nepumocene
1968 Melville Gorman Sr. St. John Nepumocene
1969 Jack J. Bulloff Sr. St. John Nepumocene
1970 George B. Kauffman Desmond M. C. Reilly
1971 June Z. Fullmer Desmond M. C. Reilly
1972 Florence E. Wall Desmond M. C. Reilly
1973 Peter Oesper David H. Wilcox, Jr.
1974 Robert M. Hawthorne David H. Wilcox, Jr.
1975 O. Bertrand Ramsay Wyndham D. Miles
1976 Carl Alper Robert M. Hawthorne
1977 Jane A. Miller Robert M. Hawthorne
1978 Ned Heindel Robert M. Hawthorne
1979 William Wiswesser Robert M. Hawthorne
1980 John H. Wotiz Natalie Foster
1981 D. Stanley Tarbell Natalie Foster
1982 Tonya A. Koeppel Natalie Foster
1983 Leon Gortler Natalie Foster
1984 Sr. Mary V. Orna Robert H. Goldsmith
1985 Derek Davenport Robert H. Goldsmith
1986 James J. Bohning William B. Jensen
1987 Robert H. Goldsmith William B. Jensen
1988 James Traynham William B. Jensen
1989 Albert Kirsch William B. Jensen/M. V. Orna
1990 Jack Stocker John Heitmann/M. V. Orna
1991 William B. Jensen John Heitmann
1992 Ben Chastain Harold Goldwhite
1993 Jeffrey L. Sturchio Harold Goldwhite
1994 Paul R. Jones Harold Goldwhite
1995 Martin D. Saltzman Vera V. Mainz
1996 Joseph B. Lambert Vera V. Mainz
1997-98 Harold Goldwhite Vera V. Mainz
1999-2000 Stephen J. Weininger Vera V. Mainz
2001-2002 Richard E. Rice Vera V. Mainz
2003-2004 David E. Lewis Vera V. Mainz
2005-2006 Jeffrey I. Seeman Vera V. Mainz
2007-2008 Roger A. Egolf Vera V. Mainz
2009-2010 Jan Hayes Vera V. Mainz
2011-2012 E. Thomas Strom Vera V. Mainz
2013-2014 Ned D. Heindel Vera V. Mainz
2015-2016 Gary D. Patterson Vera V. Mainz
2017-2018 Ronald Brashear Vera V. Mainz
2019-2020 Daniel Rabinovich Vera V. Mainz
2021-2022 Seth Rasmussen Vera V. Mainz