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List of ACS Fellows from HIST

The selection of ACS Fellows is based on documented excellence and leadership in both of two areas:

(1) science, the profession, education, and/or management, and
(2) volunteer service in the ACS Community

Last Name First Name Year Named Fellow Affiliation
Adams John 2009 University of Missouri
Anderson Gary 2019 Marshall University
Barton Lawrence 2012 University Missouri-St. Louis
Baysinger Grace 2017 Stanford Libraries
Benvenuto Mark 2015 University of Detroit Mercy
Brown Seth 2011 University of Notre Dame
Brubaker Inara 2015 UOP/AlliedSignal Research Centers (Retired)
Charpentier Bonnie 2015 Cytokinetics, Inc.
Chorghade Mukund 2010 THINQ Pharma
Corfield Peter 2017 Fordham University
Denmark Scott 2009 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Duerst Marilyn 2015 University of Wisconsin-River Falls (Emeritus)
Foster Natalie 2014 Lehigh University (Emeritus)
Franci Michelle 2009 Bryn Mawr College
Frech Cheryl 2013 University of Central Oklahoma
Free Helen 2009 Bayer Diabetes Care (Retired)
Greenberg Arthur 2017 University of New Hampshire
Hayes * Janan 2012 Project Inclusion
Heindel Ned 2009 Lehigh University
Hemens Richard 2012 Eastern Oregon University (Emeritus)
Hicks Donald 2010 Georgia State University (Retired)
Hoffman Morton 2009 Boston University
Jacobson Kenneth 2010 National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Jones Loretta 2014 University of Northern Colorado (Emeritus)
Jones Mark 2017 Dow Chemical Company
Jones Paul R. 2010 University of Michigan
Kauffman Paul 2011 California State University, Fresno
Koch Stephen 2014 Stony Brook University
Kohl Gretchen 2015 Dow Corning Corporation (Retired)
Krannich Larry 2014 University of Alabama at Birmingham (Emeritus)
Lambert Joseph 2012 Trinity University
Laredo-Liddell Joan 2011 St. Barnabas High School
Latimer Lee 2012 Independent Consultant
Levy Irvin 2017 Gordon College
Mainz * Vera 2012 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Maleczka Robert 2014 Michigan State University
Marshall James 2011 University of North Texas
Meyer E. Gerald 2010 University of Wyoming
Montes Ingrid 2010 University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
Moore John 2009 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Morello Michael 2013 PepsiCo Global Beverages R&D
Oliver William 2012 Northern Kentucky University
Olofson Roy 2014 Pennsylvania State University (Emeritus)
Orna Mary Virginia 2010 College of New Rochelle
Perkins Ronald 2014 Greenwich High School (Retired)
Porterfield Donivan 2014 Los Alamos National Labortory
Rocke * Alan 2012 Case Western Reserve University
Seeman Jeffrey 2011 University of Richmond
Sharkey John 2011 Pace University
Sieburth Scott 2010 Temple University
Singleton Mary 2009 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Retired)
Smith Dennis 2010 University of Texas at Dallas
Streitwieser Andrew 2009 University of California, Berkeley
Strom E. Thomas 2009 University of Texas at Arlington
Thackray * Arnold 2012 Chemical Heritage Foundation
Traynham James 2009 Louisiana State University
Wood-Black Frankie 2015 Northern Oklahoma College

* Nominated by HIST