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HIST Fellows

The designation of HIST Fellow recognizes HIST members who have made a significant impact on the advancement of history in the chemical sciences, as well as dedicated service to the division. The first year of designation was 2022.

Eligibility: Must be a current HIST member who has been in good standing for at least five (5) years.

Criteria: Successful awardees must meet BOTH criteria of scholarship and service, although what constitutes evidence of these criteria may be the loosely defined. It terms of scholarship, this could include history publications in the Bulletin or other journals, authoring or editing history-oriented books, or even extensive participation in HIST symposia. In terms of service, this could include service as an elected officer or member of the HIST Executive Committee, service on other history-focused committees within HIST, ACS, or other historical societies, significant organization of HIST symposia, or notable service to the general history community.

Nominations: An individual may be nominated by HIST member(s). Nominations are due by December 31st for consideration for the following year's class. Nominations should include be initiated by a single reference letter outlining the individual's accomplishments, plus a current CV (2-page limit), submitted to the HIST Secretary/Treasurer.

Award: The award consists of a certificate and a pin.

Frequency and Number of Awards: Awards would be yearly and would be given out as part of the annual HIST Awards Banquet. The number of the awards each year would be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Name Year Named Fellow
Ronald Brashear 2022
Ben B. Chastain 2022
Carmen J. Giunta 2022
Arthur Greenberg 2022
Ned D. Heindel 2022
Joseph B. Lambert 2022
David E. Lewis 2022
Mary Virginia Orna 2022
E. Thomas Strom 2022
Stephen J. Weininger 2022