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Number 2, Fall 1988

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TITLE Author Page
From the Editor's Desk William B. Jensen 3
Letters   3
Questions and Queries. Do you have a dream?   3
Diversions and Digressions. Who first proposed the modern structure for pyridine? Alan J. Rocke
Old Chemistries. Some literary mysteries for connoisseurs of old chemistry texts William D. Williams 6
The History of the Dexter Award Part II of this continuing series
explores the award's first decade
Aaron Ihde 11
Bones and Stones. The 250th anniversary of Canada's oldest ironworks Fathi Habashi 14
Whatever Happened to ....? Before the atomic mass unit
there was the microcrith - at least in American high school chemistry texts
William Jensen 16
Chemical Artifacts. The rise and (literal) fall of the Chandler Museum at Columbia Leonard Fine 19
Book Notes
Essays in Chemical History and Chemistry in America

W. A. E. McBryde, Peter Chung Chieh, and Elisabeth A. Dixon, Eds.,
Canadian Society for Chemistry, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1988.
Translations. Can you unravel this 18th century recipe for a pyrophorus?   22
Divisional News
Report of the Program Chair
Notes from Members
Events of Interest
Future Meetings