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Citations for Chemical Breakthrough Awards

2020 Awardees

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Scientists/Inventors Breakthrough Publication
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William Henry Perkin “Producing a new Coloring Matter for Dyeing with a Lilac or Purple Color Stuffs of Silk, Cotton, Wool, or other Materials,” Great Britain Patent No. 1984, August 26, 1856. Imperial College London
Lord Rayleigh
W. Ramsay
“Argon, a New Constituent of the Atmosphere,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London, A 1895, 186A, 187-241.
Plaque awarded to the Royal Institution (Lord Rayleigh's location)
Plaque awarded to University College London (Ramsay's location)
The Royal Institution
University College London
H. G. J. Moseley “The High-Frequency Spectra of the Elements,” Philosophical Magazine Ser. 6 1913, 26, 1024-1034. The University of Manchester
R. S. Mulliken “The Assignment of Quantum Numbers for Electrons in Molecules. I,” Physical Review 1928, 32, 186-222. New York University *

* At NYU, the plaque was presented to the Department of Physics. Duplicate plaques were presented to the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics, University of Chicago.