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As a member of the Division of History of Chemistry of the American Chemical Society, you will be able to:

Participate in Divisional Activities at two National ACS meetings each year

Have the opportunity to submit papers and participate in discussions, attend symposia, open technical sessions, award luncheons and dinners
Attend mixers and other events to meet colleagues, exchange ideas, initiate collaborations, meet the Editor of the Bulletin for the History of Chemistry and discuss submission of papers
Have the opportunity to associate with chemists and historians around the world interested in the history of chemistry and related topics
Have the opportunity to be a member of the HIST Leadership team, participate in various HIST committees, (for example, be a member of an award selection committee)

Awards - Recognize Individuals and Achievements of Historical Significance

The HIST Award for Outstanding Achievement in History of Chemistry (presented at the Fall ACS meeting) (presented at the Fall ACS Meeting)
Outstanding Paper Award (awarded annually for papers published in the Bulletin for the History of Chemistry)
Citations for Chemical Breakthroughs (awarded annually for seminal publications, patents and books)

Receive Publications

The Bulletin for the History of Chemistry
(contains full articles, notes, announcements, editorial commentary)
HIST Abstracts of ACS national meetings with a Divisional Newsletter included

Take advantage of discounts

40% discount on any ACS publication produced by HIST

Be part of the HIST subdivision of Archaeological Chemistry

See short video on HIST and its activities.

All this for annual dues of $20 ($25 for non-ACS members resident in North America, $30 for non-ACS members not resident in North America) - your personal copies of the Bulletin are worth more than that!