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A History of Chemistry for High School Teachers

HIST offered a workshop on the Use of the History of Chemistry in the Teaching of High School Chemistry on August 20, 2016, at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. Twenty High School teachers were invited to join eight members of HIST to explore the uses of the history of chemistry in the teaching of high school chemistry. There were four major lectures, followed by intensive discussions in small groups. The lecturers were:

  1. Gary Patterson - Chemistry in Its Developing Stage;
  2. Jay Labinger - Modern Inorganic Chemistry;
  3. David Lewis - History of Organic Chemistry; and
  4. Cathy Cobb - History of Physical Chemistry.
The four discussion leaders were Ronald Brashear, Carmen Giunta, Michal Meyer and Seth Rasmussen. The high school teachers all received a copy of Bill Brock's The Chemical Tree and many other history essays.

This website is intended to provide interesting material to supplement lectures at the high school level. The subjects have been selected from the history of chemistry and presented along with pictorial materials. It is hoped that high school teachers can find just what they want when the project is finished.


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