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Number 6, Spring 1990

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TITLE Author Page
The 1989 Dexter Address. Some musings on the writing of history of science D. Stanley Tarbell 3
Kasimir Fajans. This concluding installment deals
with Fajans' career in the United States and the controversy over quanticule theory
Reynold Holmen 7
The Continental Chemical Society. The almost demise of the ACS and the compromise that saved it James J. Bohning 15
Diversions and Digressions. The tie that blinds and other satorical satire James Doheny
Old Chemistries. Remembering John Johnston's Manual of Chemistry and its author William D. Williams 23
Whatever Happened to ?. Once a textbook staple, the nascent state has disappeared - or has it? William B. Jensen 26
The 1989 Bibliography. Even larger than last year   37
Book Notes.
Life of a Scientist

Aleksandr Porfir'evish Borodin, A Chemist's Biography

Electrochemistry, Past and Present
Robert S. Mulliken, Springer-Verlag, New York, NY, 1989.

Charlene Steinberg and George B. Kauffman, trans.,
Springer-Verlag, New York, NY, 1988.

John T. Stock and Mary Virginia Orna, Eds., American Chemical Society, Washington, D. C., 1989.
Divisional News.
From the Chair
Events of Interest
Future Meetings
1990 Officer's Directory
Future Issues. A preview of what's to come   47