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Number 9, Spring 1991

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TITLE Author Page
The 1990 Dexter Address. Records of Chemistry: Combustion or Conservation? Colin A. Russell 3
The Rise and Decline of the British Dyestuffs Industry. Some interesting parallels for
the solid state electronics industry
Martin D. Saltzman and Alan L. Kessler 7
The First Half Century of Chemistry at Clark University.
Endowed by an industrialist in 1887, the first 50 years of chemistry
at this nascent American university had its ups and downs
Paul R. Jones 15
Chemical Industry in Colonial Virginia. All human societies have a chemical base -
even in the wilderness of the New World
Will S. DeLoach
Old Chemistries. A look at Thomas Ewell's Plain Discourses on the Laws or Properties of Matter Robert H. Goldsmith 22
The 1990 Bibliography. The literature continues to grow   25
Book Notes.
A Science of Impurity: Water Analysis in Nineteenth Century Britain

Aproximacion a la evolucion historica de los metodos
de adjuste de las ecuaciones quimicas

The Japanese and Western Science

Svante Arrhenius

From Chit & Naef to Firmenich. S. A.

Christopher Hamlin, University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA, 1990.

Lluis Garrigos i Oltra, Instituto de Cultura Juan Gil-Albert, Alicante, 1990 (in Spanish).

Masao Watanabe, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, PA, 1990.

Yu. I. Solovyov, Nauka Publishing, Moscow, 1990 (in Russian).

Roger Firmenich, Firmenich Incorporated, Geneva, 1990.
Letters.   34
Divisional News.
Events of Interest
Future Meetings
Parting Shots. A brief history of the test tube clamp William D. Williams 37
Future Issues. A preview of what's to come   39