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In Its Blood: A Centennial History of the Division of the History of Chemistry

  1. Introduction (Gary D. Patterson)
  2. American Historians of Chemistry in the Late 19th Century (Gary D. Patterson)
  3. The Brothers Chandler and The American Chemist (Gary D. Patterson)
  4. MIT and American History of Chemistry: F.J. Moore and Tenney Davis (Gary D. Patterson)
  5. Edgar Fahs Smith (1854-1928): Father of HIST (Gary D. Patterson)
  6. Charles Albert Browne (1870-1947): The Historian of the American Chemical Society (Gary D. Patterson)
  7. The Founding Myth of the History of Chemistry Division (Henry M. Leicester)
  8. HIST and CHED (perhaps MVO)
  9. Governors of HIST (GOH) Introduction (Gary D. Patterson)
  10. GOH 1920s
  11. GOH 1930s
  12. Henry Marshall Leicester (1906-1991): Historian of HIST (Gary D. Patterson)
  13. Henry M. Leicester and Development of Biochemical Concepts from Ancient to Modern Times (1974) (Gary D. Patterson)
  14. Chymia and HIST (Gary D. Patterson)
  15. GOH 1960s
  16. GOH 1970s
  17. GOH 1980s
  18. GOH 1990s
  19. GOH 2000s
  20. GOH 2010s
  21. GOH 2020s
  22. Technical Symposia (TS) at ACS meetings and other events Introduction (Gary D. Patterson)
  23. TS 1920s
  24. TS 1930s
  25. TS 1940s
  26. TS 1950s
  27. TS 1960s
  28. TS 1970s
  29. TS 1980s
  30. TS 1990s
  31. TS 2000s
  32. TS 2010s
  33. TS 2020s
  34. Books of HIST (Mary Virginia Orna)
  35. Presidential Events with Stamps sponsored by HIST (Jeff Seeman)
  36. History of Chemistry in the Journal of Chemical Education (Carmen J. Giunta and Martin D. Saltzman)
    Supplemental Information
  37. The Bulletin for the History of Chemistry (perhaps Carmen)
  38. The Citation for Chemical Breakthroughs Program (perhaps Jeff Seeman)
  39. HIST and Springer (perhaps Seth Rasmussen) Awards of HIST (perhaps Vera)
  40. HIST and the Bolton Society (Jeff Seeman and Gary D. Patterson)
  41. HIST and SHAC (Gary D. Patterson)
  42. HIST and the Chemical Heritage Foundation (Gary D. Patterson)