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Year Awardee Affiliation at Time of Award Award Address Reference
2009 Trevor H. Levere Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto Sons of Genius: Chemical Manipulation and Its Shifting Norms from Joseph Black to Michael Faraday Bull. Hist. Chem. 35 (2010), 1-6.
2008 Sir John Shipley Rowlinson Fellow, Exeter College, Oxford The Border Between Physics and Chemistry Bull. Hist. Chem. 34 (2009), 1-10.
2007 Anthony S. Travis Sidney M. Edelstein Center for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel What A Wonderful Empire is the Organic Chemistry Bull. Hist. Chem. 33 (2008), 1-12.
2006 Peter J. T. Morris Science Museum, London Writing the History of Modern Chemistry Bull. Hist. Chem. 32 (2007), 2-9.
Photograph - Jeffrey I. Seeman, Peter Morris and Ruth Barish, daughter of Sidney Edelstein
2005 William B. Jensen University of Cincinnati Textbooks and the Future of the History of Chemistry as an Academic Discipline Bull. Hist. Chem. 31 (2006), 1-8.
2004 Joseph B. Lambert Northwestern University The Deep History of Chemistry Bull. Hist. Chem. 30 (2005), 1-9.
2003 David Knight Durham University, Durham, England Making Chemistry Popular Bull. Hist. Chem. 29 (2004), 1-8.
Photograph - David Knight with Dave Abrahams.
2002 John Parascandola National Library of Medicine To Bond or Not to Bond:Chemical versus Physical Theories of Drug Action Bull. Hist. Chem. 28 (2003), 1-8.